High Q provides EPR solutions that deliver unique performance and capabilities with an emphasis on expanding the power of biophysical EPR measurements. 

Quantum Control

Realizing the full potential of quantum devices requires a system built specifically to account for their unique properties and control their behavior. Inspired by quantum computing control systems that implement complex quantum gates robust to environmental noise, High Q systems are equipped with a unique resonator and an EPR spectrometer that uses modern digital electronics to achieve the stability and flexibility necessary to implement state-of-the-art quantum control pulses with high fidelity. 


Quantum Devices

High Q EPR spectrometers use proprietary planar superconducting microstrip resonators, harnessing quantum mechanics to enhance EPR measurements. The resonator’s large filling factor and small mode volume enhance sensitivity.



Quantum device technology unlocks unprecedented capabilities for real-world EPR applications.

  • Increased sensitivity reduces distance measurement times of low-concentration samples from days to hours
  • Instrument stability removes bias and variance in systematic studies
  • Phase-stable AWG capability reduces or eliminates distance measurement artifacts
  • Unparalleled performance and flexibility enable exploration and development of novel methodologies for biophysical EPR

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